Pathé Pictorial & Sid Griffiths 1925

I then moved to Pathé Pictorial and met Sid Griffiths for the first time at his studio. At the time ‘Grif’, as I came to call him, was working with a non-animator, Bilby, on a Jerry the Tyke series for the Pictorial. I also met Dudley Buxton who was working on Pathé’s Song Cartoons, and worked with him in the same department, but on different cartoons. This was the Song Cartoon period of 1926-27. To get to the studio we had to pass through the Correspondence Department headed by Miss Jessie Brunger.

I started working with Joe Noble on 30th January 1928 from his Hampstead Studio on the Sammy and Sausage series. This was interesting in that we often combined live action with cartoons. In our earliest efforts we made double masks of each frame of animation and after photographing the cartoon with the background mask, ran the film back the correct number of frames and then printed the live animation with the cartoon figure masks. One frame out in the counting and we had had it! In the camera we had to fix a device to keep the films in close register to one side of the gate.

Jessie Brunger and I were married on 5th April 1928 at St Annes Parish Church, Limehouse, with the reception being held at 102 Locksley Street, London E14. Thereafter we lived at 8 Maitland Park Villas, Haverstock Hill NW3.

H.B. White (eds. J.D. White/J. Edgar)

You can see the Pathé archive of Jerry the Troublesome Tyke silent films available to view online here

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